Hillary starting to lose it on the campaign trail

Even though she makes only a fraction of the number of campaign appearances Donald Trump does, Hillary Clinton is losing mental focus, and slipping out of the tightly scripted routines she has memorized. The results aren’t pretty, especially when you consider how much pent-up anger this woman has.

In two separate speeches in North Carolina she forgot where she was, and who she was endorsing.

In Winterville, NC, she spoke more than once of being in Greenville, NC. Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit collects a series of tweets from outraged attendees, all of which are amusing. Here is just a sample:



But to my mind far, far worse is when the meds wore off and she reverted to form as an angry woman who feels cheated of what is rightfully hers:

She dropped her fake folksiness about halfway through and just started raging.

Yeah, Hillary's fake folksiness is now completely gone and now replaced by pure ANGER in Greenville, NC. pic.twitter.com/9dw9GucgCX

— PJ Gladnick (@pjglad) November 3, 2016


The second gaffe is more embarrassing and harmful to her intended endorsee than to Hillary. But command of the details is not her strong point these days. Christian Datoc of The Daily Caller writes:

Hillary Clinton had a major campaign gaffe in North Carolina on Thursday.


“Are you ready to volunteer these last few days?” Clinton asked a crowd of her supporters in Winterville, NC. “Are you ready to elect Ray Cooper your governor?” (snip)

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is running, but as the former secretary of state herself once noted, “what difference does it make?”