Hillary Clinton blows it on homelessness

While the FBI seems to be struggling with not so Shakespearean "to indict or not to indict," Hillary Clinton spares no effort in proving her disdain for ordinary citizens' legal and moral ethics.

In September, the Democratic Party presidential candidate appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to advertise her mean demeanor.

Presented by the host with some softballs symbolizing pre-masticated, easy questions she is used to, Hillary Clinton couldn't get over the unsophisticated container.

"Pretty beat up bag," she observed.  "It looks like a homeless person's".

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is Hillary's smug smile.

Yeah, them – the homeless people with their shabby clothes, owning nothing but the despair in their eyes.  Now, how Hillary-ous is this?

Homelessness means high death rates and short life expectancy; it exposes government's neglected subjects to illness, injury, and torture-like living conditions.

Shame on you, Jimmy Fallon; you gave Hillary Clinton something looking like the only property of an impoverished veteran; of a petrified, defenseless woman; of a starving elder who can barely walk.

In 2015, GO Banking Rates conducted a poll and found out that "[m]ore people said they were scared of living paycheck to paycheck, falling into debt or becoming homeless than death".

The fear of being literally thrown into the garbage is so vivid because the majority of people know financial hardships and are ruthlessly taxed into debt while the detached "upper class" "invests" the nation's money in "foreign aid."  It became "normal" to see homeless veterans, ex-CEOs, scientists, artists – you name it, but never a homeless politician.

No wonder the untouchable caste is laughing in the face of inhuman treatment imposed on other "less deserving" beings.

In October, just a month after Hillary Clinton's disgusting "joke," a homeless lady dared to express her opinion and stood her ground: "20 Million Illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tents. Vote Trump."

The outstanding person reminded America the meaning of courage, free speech, dignity, and solidarity.  She was ferociously attacked by "pro-Hillary supporters."

It looks as if some of Clinton's fans have Bob Beckel's Gulag wish and share the delusional anti-American dream of a "dead man can't leak" of a country, where black ops assassinate truth-telling dissidents and where homelessness is for "the others."

Well, a human species capable of critical thinking and feeling compassion will not vote against the hopes and interests of homeless people.  They do realize that with Hillary Clinton as a president, all Americans will be homeless in more ways than one.

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