Hillary and Pantsuited Hip Hoppers

In the midst of all the stress related to a close and ultra-high stakes election, you deserve a break. So read this delicious review of the odd coupling of Hillary Clinton and hip-hop superstars by Michelle Obama’s Mirror. I lack even basic knowledge of this music, so the details provided, not to mention the pictures, were both instructive and amusing. A sample:

who better to host a hip-hop rally than Hillary, Queen of the chillax* pussy* bitches*?  Just last night she had a bomb of a show headlined by another power-couple-in-name-only, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. (snip)

Beyoncé sang her current hit that memorializes her husband sleeping around with someone named “Becky with the good hair.” She also used the opportunity to speak passionately about female role models and women’s rights - before performing in a debased manner with her cheating husband:

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