Hillary and Obama should tell rioters to accept the election results

There is no valid reason for the "protests" each night since Trump's election in cities such as New York and Miami and the riots in Portland.  What exactly are they protesting?  We had an election, Trump won, and Hillary conceded.  It is over.  If the "protesters" do not like the results, there is nothing they can do about it under our laws.  We do not reverse election results because mobs riot in the streets.  They should go home and work on reforming the Democratic Party to nominate a better candidate for 2016.

The MSM have reported that these actions are "constitutionally protected speech," but these appear to be well organized rallies by anarchists and others opposed to our system of elections.  What do these "protesters" expect to achieve by rioting and vandalizing, as they have done in Portland?  The Portland district attorney should convene a grand jury to investigate who is organizing these "protests."  The Obama Justice Department certainly will not investigate.

The MSM spent the weeks before the election agonizing over whether Trump would "accept" the results of the election.  Mike Wallace pressed Trump on whether he would "accept" the results and kept at it when he questioned Mike Pence.  Of course, Wallace and the MSM assumed that Hillary would win, because they never asked her if she and her supporters would accept the results.

Hillary and her chief campaigner, Obama, have not stepped up to denounce this rioting.  They should tell these protesters that the election is over, Trump won, and under our system, there is nothing to accomplish by this conduct.

This conduct by the rioters is not unexpected, given the savage attacks by the MSM, Hillary, and Obama against Trump during the last week of the campaign.  They accused Trump of being a KKK racist, a sexist, and totally unfit to be president.

Obama and Hillary contributed to this polarization.  It is time they step up to tell the rioters to accept the results of the election.