Fight over soda tax out west going down to the wire

The most expensive city-level ballot initiative in US history is playing out in three prominent liberal bastions out west. On Tuesday, residents of San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany California will vote on Proposition V - a one cent  per ounce tax on sugary soda drinks. At this point, it's hard to tell which side is ahead. Tens of millions of dollars in ads have been poured into the fight, with the anti tax forces, led by the American Beverage Association representing soft drink manufacturers, outspending the pro-tax forces led by health advocates by 3-2. The way both sides are framing the issue is where we see the usual schism in American politics. Politico: So much cash has now streamed into the soda tax debate in the Bay Area — with millions dropping almost daily in the final sprint — that the campaigns could have given $40 to each resident across the three cities considering taxes. Polls show a tight race — although neither side will...(Read Full Post)