FBI release of Marc Rich pardon documents highlights Clinton Corruption

On Ocober 31, 2016, The FBI released information on its investigation of Bill Clinton's pardon of March Rich on January 20, 2001, his last day as president, that focuses attention on Clinton corruption and pay for play.  While the documents do not contain much information, the release reminds us again of the sordid facts about the pardon and the Clintons.

Anyone who reviews the facts has to question why the Clintons would pardon Rich.  The answer is one and half million dollars to the Clintons.  Hillary is upset because the FBI disclosure reminds everyone of another sordid bit of Clinton corruption.

Rich and his business partner, Pincus Green, were indicted in 1983 for wire fraud and racketeering, with some charges relating to doing business with Iran during the hostage crisis when there were restrictions on doing business with Iran.

Denise Rich, wife of Marc Rich, gave $450,000 to the Clinton Library and donated over one million dollars to Democratic Party campaigns during the Clinton era.  The Clintons pardoned Rich.

Peter Schweizer reported on January 17, 2016:

Rich made a large part of his wealth, approximately $2 billion between 1979 and 1994, selling oil to the apartheid regime in South Africa when it faced a UN embargo. He did deals with Khadafy's Libya, Milosevic's Yugoslavia, Kim Il-sung's North Korea, Communist dictatorships in Cuba and the Soviet Union itself. Little surprise that he was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted.

Paying the Clintons a million and a half was chump change for Rich, who made $2 billion selling oil to our enemies.  The Clintons did not have a problem accepting money that was made by Rich selling oil to Libya, North Korea, South Africa, and Cuba.  The Clintons did not have any problem accepting millions from Saudi Arabia, which treats women as second-class citizens.

Mary Jo White, then U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, convened a grand jury to investigate whether Rich's ex-wife, Denise, illegally obtained  the pardon by making donations to Democratic Party accounts and the William J. Clinton Foundation.  The investigation was completed by Comey, White's successor as U.S. attorney.  Comey did not recommend any charges.

The pardon request for Marc Rich did not go through normal channels at the Justice Department but was sent directly to the White House by Rich's attorney Jack Quinn, former Clinton White House counsel.  The Clinton machine at work.

On Monday, October 31, 2016, the FBI posted:

This initial release consists of material from the FBI's files related to the William J. Clinton Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The bulk of these records come from a 2001 FBI investigation into the pardon of Marc Rich (1934-2013), aka Marcell David Reich, by President Clinton in 2001; it was closed iin2005. The material is heavily redacted due to personal privacy protections and grand jury secrecy.

Hillary and her lapdogs in the MSM are upset that the FBI posted this in response to a FOIA request.  Hillary does not question the facts of the pardon; she is upset that it was posted now, because it reminds us about the sordid corruption of the Clintons, which is clearly exemplified by selling a pardon to a fugitive who sold oil to our enemies and did business with Iran when it was illegal to do so.  Dealing with the likes of Rich did not bother the Clintons, provided there was money to make.

Hillary does not mention that Comey was the U.S. attorney who declined to prosecute over the pardon.  Comey let the Clintons off the hook in 2005 and again on July 5, 2016, but Hillary thanked Comey by unleashing the Clinton Smear Machine, led by crazies Harry Reid and James Carville, to attack Comey because he reopened the email investigation.  Comey has to bat 1,000% to satisfy Hillary.

Paying over one million dollars to the Clinton campaigns and $450,000 to the Clinton Library is just another example of the pay for play that was perfected at the William J. Clinton Foundation when Hillary was secretary of state.

The Rich pardon also focuses attention on the probability that Obama will pardon Hillary if Hillary loses the election.

Hillary is upset because the Marc Rich pardon and the reopening of the email investigation focus the election on her corruption.  She is losing support every day, and her only response is to attack the messenger, Comey.

The Rich pardon is so bad that even the New York Times editorialized on January 24, 2001:

Bill Clinton's last-minute pardon of Marc Rich, the shadowy commodities trader who fled to Switzerland in 1983 to avoid American justice, was a shocking abuse of presidential power and a reminder of why George W. Bush's vow to restore integrity to the Oval Office resonates with millions of Americans who otherwise disagree with the new president's politics.

Unchecked by any other branch of government, the president's authority under the Constitution to pardon anyone charged with federal crimes is meant to be exercised with great restraint to correct an injustice or to further some societal good. Bestowing undeserved beneficence on a fugitive accused of evading $48 million in taxes and illegally trading with Iran in oil during the hostage crisis is hardly what the Constitution's framers had in mind.

The Rich pardon is the poster for Clinton corruption.

Hillary and her attack dogs should read the New York Times editorial instead of attacking Comey.

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