Des Moines cop-killings will be a propaganda gold mine

I think we can expect the latest assassinations of police officers, committed early Wednesday in the Des Moines area, to be a propaganda goldmine for the left.

This incident will surely be exploited because, in this particular case, the alleged perpetrator is neither black nor Muslim; were he a member of either of those demographics, we would probably still be waiting for his name and/or photo to be made public.

Instead, the suspect, identified as Scott Michael Greene, 46, not only is ostensibly Caucasian, but drives a Ford pickup (!) and has a history of clashing with cops and being ejected from a high school football game after waving a Confederate flag during the singing of the National Anthem (he posted his own video of this incident) and, in a separate incident, of threatening and hurling racial epithets at a black neighbor (for which incident he was sentenced to, and completed, a year’s probation).

Greene apparently started out being upset by blacks who chose to sit during the singing of the National Anthem.  He felt that was an insult to our military and law enforcement personnel, and even railed against “cop-haters,” but he evidently shifted that animosity to the cops themselves after the football game incident.

The two cops he allegedly ambushed and murdered were both white, which the mainstream press sometimes considers a relevant detail.  As of this writing, there’s no word as to whether the individual cops killed had anything to do with the football game incident.

In contrast to ambush slayings of cops in which the suspects are black or Muslim (in which the stories are allowed to sink beneath the waves with nary a ripple), I think we can anticipate this story being trumpeted, with barely suppressed glee, by the mainstream media, and perhaps even utilized in remaining campaign appearances by Hillary & Co., as “proof” of the leftist meme that it is pickup-driving, rebel flag-waving, disaffected, middle-aged “angry white men” (read: Donald Trump supporters) who present a far greater threat to our civilized society than violence-prone Black Lives Matter “activists,” ruthless gang members who illegally sneak across our Southern border, or murderous jihadis (either “home-grown” or those who have been brought into our country as “refugees”).

Think how ecstatic the left (exemplified by the Southern Poverty Law Center, with its blacklist that sees “hate” as the exclusive province of the right) was to point out in 1995 (and to continue to remind us ever since!) that the “domestic terrorists” held responsible for bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City were not only white, but also Christian!

And I’m willing to bet that Scott Michael Greene won’t be so glibly dismissed as merely “mentally unstable” and/or a “lone wolf” the way so many black and/or Muslim killers routinely are.  Instead, he’ll be painted as a poster boy of the “deeply rooted and pervasive racist, white supremacist attitudes that have plagued our nation since its beginning.”

It won’t surprise me a bit if Pres. Obama makes a statement to that effect, which may be a bit of a rhetorical challenge because he’ll also be lamenting the death of cops, whom he also likes to tar with that same “racist” brush.

All the stories so far have managed to include the Confederate flag angle, and I expect we’ll be hearing more about that as the World Series fades, as the election draws closer, and as the left’s propagandists begin to appreciate how well Scott Michael Greene can help them advance one of their favorite narratives.

And of course he’ll be tied to Donald Trump.  Social media is already abuzz with reports that Greene had a Trump-Pence sign on his lawn, and Hillary’s campaign is getting too desperate not to try to make hay of this.

Does everyone remember when, after the San Bernardino massacre in 2015, John Podesta lamented that the suspects weren’t white?  Samuel L. Jackson expressed a similar sentiment.

This time, it looks as if Podesta, Jackson, and their reprehensible ilk may have had their cynical, agenda-driven wish granted.

Stu Tarlowe has been a contributor to American Thinker since 2010 and has had well over 100 pieces published.  In 2008 he had a “Run, Hillary, Run!” sticker on his front bumper!