Dem campaign rhetoric implied Hillary would inherit peace and prosperity

If you paid any attention at all to the campaign, you know that Hillary and Obama offered no new policies or position changes.  Their message had two simple elements.  First, that Obama and Hillary had saved America from an inherited Bush economic collapse, brought the world together and saved the planet from catastrophic environmental collapse.

The dynamic Dem duo had nothing but great things to say about America’s economic path and that peace, love, and tranquility was at hand.  But the Dem duo couldn’t understand how anyone couldn’t see that.  Seemingly frustrated with America’s response to their message, Hillary questioned, “Why aren’t I ahead by 50 points?”

The second element of Hillary’s and Obama’s message was that Donald Trump would screw up everything they had done...big league.

When Hillary and Obama did speak in specifics, their message was that Obamacare just needs a couple tweaks; the unemployment rate shows there are lots of jobs being created and plenty of people working; economic bubbles are a thing of the past; America has never been safer; race relations are calm and steady; Putin has been put in his place; the Middle East has been tamed; and ISIS is still a J.V. team.

So if you believe the Dem duo’s pre-election rhetoric, all Donald Trump needs to do as president is sit back, prop up his feet in the Oval Office, and ride the Obama-Hillary wave of peace and prosperity for the next four years.

But now that Donald Trump has won the White House, the Obama-Hillary message of peace and prosperity seems to have flown the coop, and all hell looks to be breaking loose on every front at home and abroad.

Funny how a presidential election seems to have consequences – right, Barack?