Dana Rohrabacher: The only secretary of state candidate to put America first

Donald Trump's "America First" platform of trade protectionism, immigration control, and foreign policy non-intervention was the centerpiece of his campaign.  He needs his secretary of state to help implement these policies through diplomacy, negotiating trade agreements, setting refugee admissions, and ensuring that foreign nations accept the criminal aliens we deport.  This requires a seasoned foreign policy expert whom Trump can trust to stand up to both foreign leaders and domestic critics in both political parties. Of all the candidates under consideration, congressman and former Reagan administration official Dana Rohrabacher is a perfect fit.  Rohrabacher is one of the few politicians who truly understands Washington, without being corrupted by it.  He has served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee for nearly 25 years.  I had the privilege of serving with him on this committee and can personally attest that he was one of the most...(Read Full Post)