Crying and lying: Hysteria and repeated false claims showered upon us by the left

Greg Gutfeld brutally calls out the left and the fake cable news shows that push out the false narratives and refuse to investigate the veracity of the claims that pass over their airwaves.

Remarkable is the stream of claims that America is now tainted by the Trump supporters and their hateful antics.  Case after case is blurted across the left leaning cable shows.  But it seems there is never a corroboration or proof of the incidents so claimed.

“It doesn’t matter if it is false because it is bound to be true somewhere.”

“Do the fakers go to jail for wasting our time?”

Is this not akin to pulling the fire alarm switch in the high school hallway? 

In this video, Greg gives a monologue that calls out these fabricators and their enablers.

The real punishment must come to the cable shows that push out these falsehoods.  Turn them off.  Hit them on the bottom line, and tell them why.

When they have to make it up, it must be near the end.  When they must castigate the vice president-elect when he has a night out with the family, it must be near the end.