Celebrating the Cubs the Chicago way in the Obamas' hometown

As you may have heard:

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!

Cubs' drought-ending World Series title has no peer in Chicago sports history

Meanwhile, it was business as usual for many residents as they celebrated the victory in their unique, everyday style

6 dead, 15 wounded in Chicago shootings

Busy containing the joyously happy but remarkably well behaved crowds near the Wrigley Field, the police were not involved in any of these incidents.  Given the neighborhoods of the crime scenes, most of the victims and the shooters looked like Obama's mythical sons.  And several of the incidents occurred within a few miles of the Obamas' stately Chicago residence. 

But as President Barack Hussein Obama (D) might say about the shooters, they're a "J.V. (junior varsity) team."  And Chicago is so full of J.V. teams, mostly peopled by Obama's sons, that these daily occurrences are not even headline news.   

October toll: At least 78 homicides in Chicago, 48 above same month last year

Oh, by the way, Chicago has had Democratic mayors longer than the Cubs were World Series-less.  Not that Democrats and cities with high murder rates go together, of course. 

Or do they?  Hmmm.  Coincidence?

A gracious Obama congratulated the Cubs:

White Sox fan President Obama congratulates Cubs on World Series win 

Further getting his priorities straight, as an insightful columnist noted:

This means President Obama will be able to host the 2016 World Series champions Chicago Cubs at the White House before he leaves office!

Now, that's important. 

Meanwhile, victims of J.V. teams around the world mourn.