Canadian teachers union writes guide that includes 'drag shows' to promote 'inclusiveness'

A teachers union in Alberta, Canada has written a guide that instructs teachers how to promote tolerance and inclusiveness for the LGBT community.

One recommendation is that teachers stop referring to "boys and girls" and use the term "comrades" instead.

Here are a few other eye-popping ideas.

Daily Caller:

The guide is intended to create “welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments for children and youth,” and asks teachers use gender-neutral language like “spouse” rather than husband and wife.

One activity recommended for students is titled, “Drag 101.” The activity encourages students to “examine the performance of gender, specifically the exaggerated  feminine aspects of dressing and acting in drag,” and compels students to invite local drag queens to come into the classroom and to organize a drag performance at the school.

Another activity suggested is “Gender Swap,” where students select a piece of writing that is typically strongly associated with a particular gender, but one that is not the gender they identify with.

“Students are asked to perform their selected piece and complete an analysis,” the guide states; giving examples of well known literary classics and how they may change if the roles were reversed.

Additional activities in the manual include “Queer Music,” where teachers select music composed by artists who are “sexual or gender minorities.” Another activity called, “Gender Bending Fashion,” where students are “challenged to create fashion that transcends gender and fully incorporates the masculine and feminine in all their pieces,” was also present in the book.

One parent activist is fed up:

"It is deeply offensive of the authors [of the guide] to unequivocally redefine what qualifies as the ‘religious and moral beliefs’ of others,” Theresa Ng, a parent activist who writes a blog called, “Informed Albertans” said. “Whether the ATA chooses to acknowledge it or not, this IS a religious issue for many teachers, parents and students in this province,” she continued.

The ATA contends that the internal guide would assist teachers in creating a safe and inclusive environment for students, pushing back against critics who say the new guidelines do not honor or value alternative perspectives on the issues.

You will be forced to care.

How does putting on a drag show help with "inclusiveness"? All it does is humiliate students and probably most teachers. 

The goal here is not "tolerance," or "inclusiveness." but rather forced acceptance. It's taking valuable class time to propagandize and brainwash children - to alter their values, especially if they conflict with the values being shoved down their throats by administrators.

"A little learning is a dangerous thing, said Alexander Pope. Even more dangerous are committed ideologues who don't care about teaching or learning. They only care about advancing a cultural agenda at odds with common sense and reason.



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