Campaigning for Hillary yesterday, Obama mentions himself 207 times

Remember that Donald Trump is supposedly a narcissist as you consider the following.  The President of the United States took time off from his awesome responsibilities yesterday to fly to two cities in Florida, Miami and Jacksonville, and gave speeches totaling 84 minutes.

Kyle Olson of The American Mirror calculated the grim totals:

During two appearances for Hillary Clinton on Thursday, the president referred to himself a total of 207 times — 110 in Miami and 97 in Jacksonville, Florida. (snip)

During the Miami speech, he mentioned himself 30 times before talking about Hillary Clinton.

Olson provides a video of the Miami speech, if you can still bear to listen to the man once described as the greatest orator of our time.

Obama is obsessed with garnering the approval of others, and with his historical legacy. His principal domestic program, Obamacare, is failing before the nation’s eyes, and stands to be repealed of Trump and the Republicans win next Tuesday. No wonder he goes out of his way to support Hillary, a woman he dislikes: it is all about him, as it always is.