Betraying Chicago

Last winter, on a flight to the West Coast, airline overbooking forced me to stay overnight in Chicago, the sanctuary city of Rahm Emmanuel, where murder and debt rule the day.

In obtaining transport and lodging, I was driven by a Mexican immigrant and father of five children. He said he legally immigrated more than 20 years ago and works long hours to support his family.  He loves America.

He said his children, however, refuse to work.  I said, “You mean they have a tough time finding jobs?” 

He said his teenagers will not take jobs in fast food or any other entry-level position and that their friends are the exact same way.  They want their iPhones, but they do not work.

I asked him how it came to be that he, with such a strong work ethic, has children who refuse to work. 

He said, “You can thank the Chicago public school system.”

Puzzled, I pressed for an explanation.  I have heard too often schools blamed for failed parenting. 

He said the school teaches the kids an inflated view of self, and that they are “too good” for minimum-wage jobs which are both “insulting and beneath” them, and that they need to demand that the government provide much better-paying jobs.  He said, “Don’t think it is just my kids; it is all of them.  None of their friends has jobs, either.  We are fighting against the teachers.”  He said it is impossible to overcome the school’s influence.

Rahm Emmanuel intends to defy President-Elect Donald Trump should Mr. Trump hold to the rule of law on immigration.

In a city of drowning debt, violence, endless taxes, and restrictive regulations, any possibility for employment dissipates with wave after wave of illegal immigration further glutting the welfare system.

The school’s Common Core Curriculum defines that 4 minus 5 = negative 1. 

Rahm Emmanuel himself may prove the reality that ignoring simple mathematics will not change the reality as he continues to betray Chicago’s most vulnerable citizens.

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