#AmericanMusicAwards so anti-immigrant, so lookist, so sexist, so racist

Apparently alt liberal elites in the entertainment industry thought their alt liberal outreach work was finished when they agreed that the Academy Awards didn't accurately reflect the racial, religious, ethnic, age, gender, sexual orientation, population distribution of the industry.  Or the country.  Or something.  Okay, so they were concerned with only the first category of identity, establishing an #OscarsSoWhite campaign, celebrated their sensitive sensibility, and then spent the following months ranting about the evils of a possible Donald J. Trump (R) presidency brought to them by the denizens of flyover country.  The diversity, pluralism, and multicultural inclusive thing is important to alt liberals as long as the injured designee is also liberal.

Despite because of? their ranting, Trump is now president-elect.  And the entertainment liberals are joining the alt liberal elite movement putting its bigotry on display.  At the American Music Awards program Sunday night, 21-year-old model Gigi Hadid mocked first lady to be, white European immigrant, and former model herself Melania Trump.  Mocking Trump's accent, her looks, and her intellect, Hadid:

… began her impersonation by turning away from the camera, saying “I gotta get her face right.” When she turned back to the camera, she had a bizarre look on her face. “I love my husband, President Barack Obama,” Gigi-as-Melania said. “And our children Sasha and Malia.”

No, she wasn't booed, but greeted with approving laughter from the Hollywood audience.  Her black co-host, Jay Pharoah, formerly of Saturday Night Live but apparently not needed this season, as his doppelganger, President Barack Hussein Obama (D), will soon be gone, praised Hadid. 

Ironically, Hadid's father is also an immigrant who made good in America.  Mohammed Hadid is a Muslim from the Arab country of Jordan who is now a wealthy real estate developer of "office developments, residential developments and Ritz Carlton Hotels" in the most upscale alt liberal areas of the USA such as Beverly Hills, California and Aspen, Colorado.

Would the AMA and the glitterati alt liberal audience have reacted as snarkily had blonde, white, award-winning singing star Taylor Swift performed that skit? 

Many in the viewing audience did not approve, erupting on Twitter and Facebook to voice their disapproval.  They also complained about Green Day's tasteless anti-Trump rant disguised as music.  Not one liberal alt media or entertainment figure commented on this hate-filled public display of bigotry and immigrant-shaming.  

Don't they understand that love trumps hate?  That's what losing candidate Hillary proclaimed on the day of the presidential election – a phrase repeated by other alt liberal elites as well as protesters protesting the results of democracy in action.

And still, clueless entertainment liberal alts still can't understand how, who, and why Trump triumphed and Hillary failed after she received all their love. 

#AmericanMusicAwards – ban bigotry of all kinds!