About those rioters...

For many months, the LeftMedia have been warning that Trump supporters were so clearly violent they would likely riot when he lost the election.  The media were salivating at the ratings triumph of this imagined scenario.  They knew that it was coming, and it was going to validate their contempt for Trump and anyone who supported him.

So prevalent was the conviction that Trump was going to lose, and lose badly, that Chris Wallace, in the last debate, asked Trump if he would concede if he lost.  It never occurred to him to ask Clinton the same question.  Of course it didn't.  The media have been of one mind this past year and a half, including Fox News; Clinton was a shoe-in.  The Donald did not have a chance.  Not only would Clinton win, but the Senate and maybe even the House would fall back into Democrat hands.  Chuck Schumer was measuring for drapes in the speaker's office.

This is how thoroughly resistant to the national temperament all of the news media has been throughout this campaign.  They are deaf and blind to the reality of so many American citizens' fury at the political elite so perfectly exemplified by Hillary Clinton and her adherents.

Now that Trump has won, those insider elites blithely continue with their mocking, their patronizing, their spoken contempt for the millions of Americans who voted for Trump.  No time for self-reflection, although the NYT has published a letter admitting it missed the depth of the Trump movement.  From now on, they are going to rededicate themselves to honest reporting or something like that.  This after they blatantly and purposefully, with their editors' blessing, tossed all objectivity out the window in their effort to elect Clinton.

The D.C. establishment has long been seduced and then trapped by the addictive effervescence that is life in D.C.  The elected officials who live there, move their families there, send their children to D.C. private schools that are exclusive in every sense of the word, are almost instantly cosseted by the sheer luxury of the lifestyle afforded them.  Once installed there, they seem to forget their constituents back home.  They live in a rarefied world untouched by flyover country or its citizens.  Gradually they come to loathe those constituents, the ones who call them with petty complaints and local issues.  They pawn them off on staffers and attend to their position in the D.C. society of swells. 

This is why Trump won.  Those millions of people across the nation are sick to death of being ignored, mocked, and dismissed as annoyances by the people they elected to serve their interests.  Our elected officials get to send their kids to the best schools in the nation but deny their constituents school choice because they are beholden to the teacher unions.  They eat in the finest restaurants while millions of their constituents do not eat out at all.  The men and women in Congress have great health insurance while Obamacare is imposed on the folks back home and they cannot afford it.  Their doctors cannot afford it.  Obama still talks as though he did American citizens a favor!  He did not.  He has been increasingly despotic, going around Congress to regulate more and more aspects of all our lives.

Conservatives have never marched or rioted when they have lost an election.  Never.  But the left can be counted on to do so when offended by anything they can define as a grievance against their "group," such as the votes of others with which they disagree.  These protests are not spontaneous, as anyone who read the Podesta emails and watched the O'Keefe videos knows.  They are planned and paid for, by Soros, ANSWER, etc. – far-left trolls like those in Ferguson, who, with Soros dollars, launched the thuggish Black Lives Matter group, so affectionately embraced by Hillary Clinton. 

Since the 1920s, it has always been leftists who fomented and promoted violence as a means to their endgame.  But our media for months gleefully warned that Trump supporters would riot in the streets if he lost.  That never would have happened and they know it.  These tactics are wholly the province of the left.  Anarchy is and has always been a strategy of the progressives to make civilized people fear them.  Trump voters finally had enough and voted for a new direction, and we are seeing riots in the streets organized by radical, anti-democratic groups.  One can assume they want to make people regret their votes for Trump, but they are only making them more certain they made the right choice.

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