A call to conservative artists to celebrate the election

Andrew Breitbart’s injunction that conservatives must no longer ignore culture is summed up with his immortal words: “Politics is downstream from culture.”  Conservatives have a better grasp of human nature than liberals, for liberals live in a fantasy where human perfection can be achieved if only we adopt their political policies.  We know that humans are flawed, and that the Founders understood that when designing our government, which is why we have limited government and checks and balances, no matter how much this has been evaded in recent decades.

It is more than time to right the balance in the realm of cultural activities.  This is why I am happy to pass along to our readers the following call to conservative artists:

My name is Josh Tuttle, and I've been a follower of your website for many years. I'm a disabled US Army Veteran, Eagle Scout, and patriotic American. I’m also a student in a liberal discipline, and I am writing to you to ask for your help in reaching conservative artists and writers so that their voices can be heard in the aftermath of this election.

Specifically, I am writing to you today in the capacity of Assistant Fiction Editor for Rock & Sling: A Journal of Witness. Rock & Sling is a literary magazine produced out of Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, where I am currently a senior. Rock & Sling is a Christian literary magazine, and we're putting out a special issue in light of our recent election. The call asks artists to respond artistically to the election in the form of photo-documentary, essay, allegory, graphic shorts, fiction, satire, poems, visual art, or any other medium we might not have thought of. I was hoping you might be able to help connect me with conservative artists and writers to submit to our special issue of the magazine. Here is a link to information about our magazine, and here is a link to the special call.

The reason I'm reaching out to American Thinker and other conservative websites is because the artist community is pretty leftist, and I don't want this special issue to turn into yet another liberal echo chamber. Our call for submissions attempts to reach broadly for a cross section of responses. I think this is a tremendous opportunity. I'd really like a chance for conservative artists and writers to have a voice in responding to this election, because I don't believe that most people who voted for Trump did so out of hate, nor do I think wanting secure borders and deportation of illegal immigrants is unreasonable, let alone hateful. I myself am a conservative, but my personal and professional calling requires that I live in that leftist world and get along with leftist people, or else I'll have no one to talk to. For the most part, I'm okay with that. Many of the people I meet are fair-minded, and we can have reasonable, civil discourse. And because we have the secret ballot, I can vote however I want and I don't need anyone's permission, approval, or even knowledge.

For all that we mock English majors, art in very real ways reflects the soul of a society. If we lose the artists, we lose the culture. I’m sure there are other conservative artists and writers out there, and I’d like this to be an opportunity for them to not feel alone.

Thank you very much,


The left is in the process of meltdown, and although it will take time for the consequences to play out, the days of the conservative majority of Americans passively accepting whatever the ruling class in politics, business, and culture provides to us are over.

The disgrace of the actors in Hamilton presuming to lecture the vice president-elect of the United States is but one example of the lemmings heading for the cliff.

Opportunities are about to burst open for conservative artists of any medium.

Seize the day.