Sorta sad I turned down a million-dollar bet that The Corruptocrat Witch would prevail over the better choice.

Shoulda taken that bet.

Smiling is such a satisfying  condition...

Not a small part of the joy suffusing those of us on the win is the delight in seeing the absurd failed "legacy" of the worst prez, and his swampy despair that he has lost the hectoring fight he waged to force the unwilling to elect the unappetizing. 

The breakage of the hideous Iran "deal." 

The evisceration of the fiasco that is Obumacare. 

The better angels of the election of a thoughtful and constitutional-minded justice to the Supremes. 

The shivery reax from countries that would have walked all over the  witch.  The return of respect for the U.S. 

The amazed consideration of cowardice on the part of Hiliar as she fails to be gracious in losing, fails to thank her supporters, fails to make a token appearance.

Concern that the mighty cost of defraying the Javits Center for the night party that never was will be shucked over onto the American taxpayer by the grifting trio.  At least she canceled the fireworks, suspecting she was not on the blue-ribbon winning panel.

The ghastly reax of the bubble-men and slavish women of the Upper West Side. 

The disappearance, as per their threats, of Alec Baldwin, Sarandon, Streisand, Michael Moore, all the bucket of deeply unintelligent, uneducated, soft-brained maggoty Hollyweird types.  The rise of the national I.Q. when these contemptible libloats decamp to Cuba or Russia or wherever Sanders would have honeymooned if he had hated his wife enough.

The delight of not having to whisper around arrogants convinced they are of course in the [right].

The jollitude of watching so many shake their heads repeatedly in disbelief.

The welcoming in of smart, thoughtful, decent cabinet members and the ouster of Islamist-flecked, hateful incompetents schooled in nothing but prog nonsense repeatedly proven failures for 100 years, nasty sorts seeking only to weaken the country with idiocies and schemes resulting in a Dead Sea GDP and a 1929 despair among small entrepreneurs and regular folk.

The delight of having Melania as FLOTUS over the fistface of Mooch and her whiny throat-catchy self-righteousness. 

The return of fiscal sanity and a cessation of the First Family feeding from the American taxpayer trough, M/M Obuma and hangers-on spending our millions on unwarranted vacays, splurges, private jets, and expensive stayovers to which they are not entitled.

The pure joy of not having another horrific four years like the past eight.