WikiLeaks is today's version of the blue dress that didn't go to the cleaner!

The younger readers may not remember Monica and the blue dress that she saved in the closet.  God only knows what Monica was thinking, but it did prove that then-president Clinton was lying through his teeth about their "encounter" in the Oval Office.  Then-president Clinton survived conviction in the U.S. Senate, in large part because unemployment was low and Americans were enjoying the returns on their mutual funds.

Frankly, the Clinton team thought they had gotten away with it until the blue dress returned to the story.   

Well, something similar has happened to the Clintons in 2016.  They tried to get away with it, but this time a "leak" showed them up to be a couple of serial liars.

This week, we learned more about this criminal enterprise headed by a former president and secretary of state.  As a Mexican friend told me yesterday, these Clintons are making Mexico's politics look clean and honest.

We learned from WikiLeaks that there were serious concerns in house about that private server:

Attorneys wondered out loud in questions passed along in a 2015 bombshell email to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign why Clinton inexplicably sent secure documents on a private email server and then further deleted documents without consulting anyone, as such a move “smacks of acting above the law.”

The email, leaked by WikiLeaks as part of its release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s correspondence, dates back to June 21, 2015, and discusses in unusually frank detail the scandalous nature of Clinton’s use of a private email server.

The email contains several questions from other lawyers passed along from Erika Rottenberg, a lawyer with extensive experience in the policy and tech world with ties to the Clinton campaign.

Then there is President Clinton and all of that money, as the New York Times reported:

In another email, Mr. Band wrote that Mr. Clinton had even received gifts from some donors.

The tensions came to a head when Chelsea Clinton helped enlist an outside law firm to audit the Clinton Foundation’s practices. Some interviewees told the audit team that the donors “may have an expectation of quid pro quo benefits in return for gift.” The audit suggested the foundation “ensure that all donors are properly vetted and that no inappropriate quid pro quos are offered to donors in return for contributions.”

The advice proved prescient as Mrs. Clinton faced intense scrutiny about whether donors to the Clinton Foundation had received special access to her State Department or other rewards. In August, the foundation said it would no longer accept foreign donations should Mrs. Clinton win the White House.

Now we hear that President Obama was, incredibly, communicating with his secretary of state using a private server and email.  Does anyone believe in national security among these people?  After all, there is a very good reason that the president and others use a government email account.  It's called protecting our national security and the many people around the world who provide us information about this or that.

This is sick.  You cannot have a current secretary of state married to a former president who is traveling the world asking for money.  It may be legal.  It may buy some eyeglasses for kids in Haiti.  But it is simply unacceptable, especially as it was done in secret because they thought they'd get away with it.

On Monday, I went over to the library and voted for Mr. Trump.  Honestly, it was more a vote against Mrs. Clinton.  Yes, every day I feel more and more convinced that a Clinton Episode 2 is something that must be avoided at all costs. 

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