Hijabi women furious Americans don't smile at them on airplanes

Muslim women are being beaten, killed, and sold into slavery in the Muslim Middle East.  But these are small potatoes compared to the indignities fundamentalist Muslim women are suffering in America.  In America, sharia-compliant women complain that Americans do not smile enough at them on airplanes.

This is why the New York Times has chosen to put a spotlight on the indignities hijab-covered women suffer every time they go to the airport.

They interviewed an expert on the subject, a lawyer for CAIR, the Council for American Islamic [State?] Relations.  CAIR knows what it's talking about when it comes to Islam, given its intimate knowledge of groups like Hamas.

Roula Allouch, 36, is a Cincinnati lawyer and the chairwoman of the national board of directors of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, one of the nation's largest civil rights and advocacy groups for the American Muslim community.

[She claims] More and more people are being deplaned because they're Muslim.

Have you ever seen anyone taken off a plane for "being Muslim"?

[Allouch claims] what seems to be happening frequently is if another passenger on the plane has a complaint, the person they're complaining about is asked to deboard.

What kind of complaints might those be?

Could it be terrorist "dry runs" on airplanes in flight?

Could it be a man going to the emergency exit and shouting "Allah akbar" at the top of his lungs?

Or an encounter like this?

A flight attendant asked the passenger to turn off the cigarette, but he refused. The Middle Eastern man started screaming at the smaller woman. "He was screaming, 'Allah is great, Allah is great,'" said Nancy Haywood, passenger. "And it kind of worries you when that happens, but believe me, there were enough men to hold him down."

But for Allouch, the big problem is the way people "look" at Muslims in fundamentalist garb.

 I was late for a connection and was running through O'Hare – try "running through airport while Muslim" – and people looked at me noticeably differently than the other woman making the same connection.

Why would anyone look oddly at a Muslim running through an airport?  Has anything happened repeatedly at airports around the world involving Muslims running through airports?

When I'm walking down the aisle and people look up, they give a different expression than when it's another person. There are people who give me a hard, strong stare and a stern look.

And here is the real problem.  People are giving unfriendly looks.  Or could Allouch be misinterpreting these "unfriendly" looks as ones that really reveal concern or even fear?  While not all fundamentalist Muslims at airports commit mass murder, nearly all mass murders at airports are committed by fundamentalist Muslims.  Does Allouch do anything to allay these concerns?  Has she ever spoken out against radical Islam and Muslim intolerance in the Middle East?  A quick Google search came up with nothing of the sort, but it did turn up a statement by Allouch praising a radical Islamist who praised the 9/11 attacks on America.

But we don't want people trying to impose their backward, intolerant, and often dangerous culture on America to feel unwelcome.  So my advice is, next time you see someone in a hijab or burka, fix her with a steady look and break out into a broad, friendly smile.  Tell her, depending on your religious preference, that Jesus or Moses or Buddha or the global warming deity welcomes them.  After all, we want them to feel as welcome in our country as we would be in theirs.

Ed Straker is the senior writer of Newsmachete.com.