Voting, emotions, babies, and location, location, location

Leftism is a mass enterprise.  As with all good totalitarians, party loyalty rules the day.  Come Election Day, irrespective of infighting and disputes, leftists get their marching orders and vote the party line.  That some cast their votes halfheartedly doesn’t make their votes count any less.  A vote is a vote whether there is conviction behind it or not.  (And if dead Democrats vote as well, all the better.)

So let’s talk enthusiasm for a minute.

Compared to Hillary’s relatively small campaign gatherings, Donald Trump’s rallies are huge, often attracting thousands of supporters.  There’s a lot of enthusiasm out there among his base (a core base that isn’t big enough to carry him to victory).  But each vote for Trump, passionate as it may be, won’t count for any more than each vote cast by Bernie supporters who wish it weren’t Hillary or Hillary supporters who would prefer if Lenin were on the ballot.

The ballot you fill in won’t know the difference between a vote cast with great faith and a vote cast with zombie-like loyalty to the party.  In the end, it’s just a blackened oval.

Then there’s the enormous mistrust the public has in the media.  One might assume this would lead to a more discerning public when it comes to the pabulum the media serves up every day.  But there’s little evidence that a large swath of Americans still don’t soak up the stupidity dished out every day, despite having a skeptical view.  Passivity takes less energy.

We’re also contending with demographic shifts in America that don’t favor our side.  Immigration (much of it illegal) from Mexico and Central America is having a huge impact, as is the exodus of people living in high-cost-of-living blue states who are moving to red states.  As a result, red states are turning purple, with some verging on blue.  Factor in the spike (with much more to come if Hillary is elected) in the importation of Muslims, and the map becomes a discouraging scene.

What’s the fix?  Well, if you don’t want to get overrun by certain demographic groups, you’d better start having larger families to keep pace with them.  Because until (if) we get control of our border and our immigration policy, that’s the sickening reality.

And if you want to impact swing state demographics, move to one.  I’m not kidding.  This war is about that as much as anything else.

My final random thought pertains to what I see as our two biggest hurdles – hurdles we acknowledge ad nauseam but for which I read few concrete solutions: the leftist control of the media (mainstream and social media) and of our education system.  In my view, until we wrestle control from them on these fronts, we’re on a losing path.  (To listen to one of the most articulate discussions of this, go to YouTube and type in “Yuri Besmenov.”  He was a former KGB officer who observed back in the early 1980s that the leftist takeover of America was more smooth and more swift than anyone could have imagined.)

With this upcoming election, we are on the cusp of completion of the communist vision for America.  Will we – can we – get our nation back?  I don’t know.  But it’s sickening and terrifying to even have to ponder such things.