Time for Newspapers to Retract Endorsements for Hillary

Look far and wide and you'll find that nearly every major newspaper in the country has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. But surprise! The ongoing Wikileaks dumps, coupled with the re-opening of the FBI's investigation regarding Clinton's reckless use of emails, shows the unbelievable and indisputable corruption of Mrs. Clinton's during her tenure as Secretary of State and that of the Clinton Foundation. The sordid behavior of the Clintons as they wormed their way to massive wealth is finally breaking into the consciousness of the general public, and it stinks to high heaven. In light of what is now known, how can these newspaper endorsements stand? If these news outlets hope to retain even a fig leaf of credibility for their often-made claims that they stand for good government, they need to immediately retract these endorsements. This does not mean the papers have to come out for Donald Trump, but continuing to stand by Hillary Clinton is...(Read Full Post)