This hashtag #STFUKaine sums up the debate

Yes, yes, the smarmy Tim Kaine (D-wannabe vice president) interrupted the calm Mike Pence, his Republican opponent, numerous times during the debate.  And yes, yes, of course, it was deliberate; it was planned.  Knowing the weak moderator wouldn't, couldn't forcefully stop him, Kaine smirked as he deflected attention from Hillary Clinton (D)'s long and deep history of failures as secretary of state, which supposedly qualifies her as president of the United States, toward Donald Trump (R)'s long history of...well, saying stupid things that have little to do with the presidency.

So, faster than moderator Elaine Quijano could say, "And now for our next topic," the hashtag #STFUKaine arose and trended on Twitter, expressing the feelings of many.

Women also lost the debate.  Quijano proved that a pretty woman just can't keep a man from behaving badly, if that's what he's gonna do.  And Hillary Clinton once again lost that first female president thingy.  Sure, she's where she is because of a man her husband.  And now she needs a man her "right-hand person" to defend her and point out some of Trump's personal failings that she can't do because of her husband's failings while president. 

How about a # for that?

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