The Right and Wrong Side of Trump

I respect the pro and anti trump positions and have found myself on the wrong/right side of both. That being said there's a few questions we should continue to consider.

When is something better than the ‘lesser of 2 evils’ and where will we ultimately find ourselves?

America was never meant to devolve into ancient Rome, but devolve we most certainly have.

Can we ignite a cultural revolution?

Should we ride it out with the status quo?

Should we take hold of this possibly legitimate outsider and gradually attempt to make some inroads... or will we compromise too much in doing so?

America is a country dependent upon liberty wholly and continuously pursued; but, too often, we've become distracted by monetary pursuits.

The noble path has become the road less traveled as our hearts and minds become seduced by easy money and primal needs. Who needs freedom when we are enslaved by our passions? The irony lies in a candidate who projects many of the things that have gotten us in trouble in the first place.

I know many who are repulsed by Trump and believe this presidential election is nothing but a dog and pony show. I continue to be extremely conflicted. There are many voices trying to instill feelings of guilt on those contemplating voting for Trump. From their perspective, such affirmations are beyond the pale. But how many of us have been guilty of those things in which we hold others condemnable?

How many Christians lie to hide their own sin? How many of us are hypocrites?

I will be the first to raise my hand. These are not excuses, but rather, unfortunate human realities.

Do we seek opportunities for reform? How may we seize upon these opportunities? Are we willing to live with the consequences if we fail to do so?

These are agonizing choices and desperate times set before us. 

All things considered, what transpired during the second presidential debate was pretty startling. One candidate behaved like a lying politician and the other did not.

Ultimately, Trump showed a great deal of poise and courage in very hostile territory. Once again, I find myself forced to reassess my position. God is not behind this country right now, but Trump has been surprisingly transparent. I will continue to pray for him, and will pray that I have voted for a man that is waking up to the position God has placed him. 

At this point, I can live with Trump. He’s nothing more than a symptom - much less than the whole of the GOP - while Obama/Clinton are an active part of the disease and a culture that embraces them (as well as the puppet masters that control them). In fact, I even find Trump more honest and sincere than his own VP candidate, Mike Pence. He's on the right side of Syria and seems to be taking the words of strong, reliable men with a true love for this country to heart.

If Donald Trump is not coming around, he sure has me fooled. I think he is truly hearing all the desperate voices crying out for leadership and understanding. We are sick of the lies of politicians. The outcome of this election will be the ultimate sign of their rejection.