The presidential race has changed because The Awful Truth about the Clintons is sinking in

I admit that my jaw dropped yesterday as I watched Doug Schoen announce that he is no longer able to support Hillary Clinton for president, as described on these pages by Jeannie DeAngelis.  Anyone who has watched national politics closely over the last quarter-century knows that Schoen is smart and principled and has deep connections with the Clintons.  That he would withdraw his support is a signal moment, in the literal sense, telling other principled Dems that the stink is just too much.  I suspect that he has a lot of comfort with his unease, but it remains to be seen if he will start a cascade of people distancing themselves publicly.  My guess is that few Democrat media complex players on the national level have his guts and integrity.  For now. But it takes no guts at all to stay home, or fail to vote for Hillary, if you are a Democrat taken aback by the cumulative effect of the revelations last week.  Here is the logical chain of four...(Read Full Post)