The Fundamental Difference Between Leftists and Republicans

The difference between leftists and Republicans is the cause vs. the person, and this week is a singularly most poignant example. Leftists are 100% for the cause, and no matter what their actors do, they will never abandon them if they support and advance the cause. 

Republicans are “every man for himself” all the time.

Bill Clinton has years of rape, groping, and sexual harassment incidents with credible victims lining up and the Democratic Party stands behind him saying “everyone lies about sex.” Hillary attacks the victimized women and threatens them, but okay, that was a long time ago. Nobody cares. The women’s vote is going Hillary.

Bill Clinton is disbarred for lying under oath while president, and nobody much cares. He remains a dominant figure in the Democratic circles. People pay him millions of dollars to make speeches.

Ted Kennedy leaves a woman to drown in a car after his drunkenness put the car in a pond, and the party reveres him as a “lion of the Senate.” We can add JFK to the mix. In every case, women were debased and abused, and the press covered it up and when it did come out, nobody cared.

Then Trump gets caught making the type of comment, regrettably we might expect him to have made -- 11 years ago, and the Republicans are awash in fake indignation.

Rubio, Fiorina, Ryan and scores of others attack him or want him to drop off the ticket, delivering certain victory to Hillary Clinton. 

See the difference here? What if the voice had been Bill Clinton’s? The media would have covered most of it up; the tape would probably never be found in the first place.  If it did come out, not a single Democratic politician or talking head would demand he get off the ticket. Why? 

Because the cause of bigger government, the elite state, is so overriding a goal that any politician who will espouse it, no matter how flawed, will have the support of the Left and its state-owned media.

The Republican Party does not have a cause. The closest thing Republicans have to a cause is getting elected, going along with the Democrats, funding the ever-growing welfare state, funding ObamaCare because they fear a government shutdown.

Republicans like Ryan and McConnell are weeks away from lining up to see who will “reach out to Hillary” after she gets elected to further the disaster brought on by Obama. They are the bipartisan adults in the room. To the Leftists, they are the “useful idiots” of Lenin.

Trump is the phenomenon he remains, flawed as he is personally, because millions of Americans do have a cause. It is to stop illegal immigration, stop the massive regulations killing small business, getting out of the Obamacare scam that has raised many families’ health care costs $4,500 a year or more. These Americans have a cause and Trump is the only game in town who can help them achieve the saving of the country they were given at birth.

For the first time in a generation, there is a competitive cause to the ever growing Leftist, elite state. Trump may not make it, but he coalesced a cause that will grow to immense proportions if a Hillary is elected and we have years of other shoes dropping -- scandals, fresh emails, Clinton escapades.

If this week has shown us anything, it further unmasked who is for the cause and who is for “every man for himself.”