The Best Available Choice

If the option were on the ballot for the major parties to replace Hillary and Trump, we would be looking for new nominees, but that isn't a choice. I will hold my nose and vote for Trump, figuring that if he happens to be elected, he will need to fight to get anything at all passed. Hillary and her stooges would quickly pass everything they needed to, in short order, to make us a socialist nation. I have no use for the dishonest Clintons who stole silverware out of the White House.

The national news agencies don't show them often, but if you will pay attention, you will occasionally see the Haitians picketing Hillary. They are picketing her because Bill was in charge of the relief funds for the Haitian earthquake. The Haitians didn't get a significant amount of the billions of dollars of relief funds that were raised. There has to be a special place in the fires of hell reserved for millionaires who steal from some of the poorest people in the world in a time of disaster.

Then there’s the Haitian gold mine that Bill managed to get the Haitian government to give Hillary's brother, who doesn't have any experience in mining for gold or anything else.

Hillary prostituted herself years ago to be near the rich and powerful. In actuality, she doesn't give a damn about Bill's transgressions as long as he can keep her in the money and near the rich and powerful. If it weren't for Bill, she'd simply be a sick old woman with bags under her eyes, who failed the DC bar exam.

She has no conscience, As Secretary of State, she sold her office to every two-bit dictator and country who would bid on it. It is estimated that the Saudis gave the Clintons over fifty million dollars. I've traveled around through the Middle East for the last forty-five years and know I have as good a personality as Hillary and no one has ever offered me a dime. The Middle Eastern countries paid for special considerations that may not be in the United States best interest. What would she sell them as president?

The people of this country seem to have forgotten that uranium can be used to produced bombs that are much nastier and more devastating than anything the terrorists have put in a pressure cooker. With that in mind, the Clintons, with the approval of Hillary's State Department, sold our friends, the Russians of all people, 30% of the United States uranium reserves for $140,000,000 that went into the Clinton slush fund and we are getting upset because Trump is a crude SOB who has never learned to respect other people's boundaries. 

I will have to hold my nose, but I will have to vote for Trump and tell the women to stay at more than arms' reach from him and to never let Bill get them in a room alone.