The 11-point lead for Hillary in WSJ-NBC poll sure looks like psy-ops

The NeverTrumps got a huge boost when the first poll out after the infamous bawdy tapes showed an 11 point lead for Hillary a month before the election. That is an insurmountable margin, we have been instructed. And barring a smoking gun Wikileaks revelation (it would have to be something really big, something on the order of video of Hillary biting the heads off kittens), it probably is. The Mainstream media touted this poll endlessly. Unless, of course, the poll was pure psy-ops. Which, thanks to some research by Sundance of Conservative Treehouse, it now strongly resembles.  The poll was the product of Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies, which it just so happens, is headed by Mr. Geoff Garin, [who is] the President of Hart Research and Associates”, [and] is currently working as “a strategic adviser for Priorities USA in support of Hillary Clinton’s election“.  But, as Sundance writes, “it gets...(Read Full Post)