So much for that Nobel Peace Prize

Once upon a time, President Obama was awarded  the Nobel Peace Prize. Why? First, he was not President Bush. And second, the silly Norwegians behind the prize fell for "hope and change" as bad as anybody.    

It's a little different today, as we see in this post from Kathleen Hennessey:

Seven years ago this week, when a young American president learned he'd been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize barely nine months into his first term — arguably before he'd made any peace -- a somewhat embarrassed Barack Obama asked his aides to write an acceptance speech that addressed the awkwardness of the award.

But by the time his speechwriters delivered a draft, Obama's focus had shifted to another source of tension in his upcoming moment in Oslo: He would deliver this speech about peace just days after he planned to order 30,000 more American troops into battle in Afghanistan.

The president all-but scrapped the draft and wrote his own version.

The speech Obama delivered -- a Nobel Peace Prize lecture about the necessity of waging war -- now looks like an early sign that the American president would not be the sort of peacemaker the European intellectuals of the Nobel committee had anticipated.

I remember a Canadian friend, who did not support President  Bush, sending me an email after the Nobel announcement. He said in so many words:   this is silly and it certainly proves the Messiah thing that you've talking about.

Well said, Canadian friend.

Obama, the so called man of peace, has actually set the table for more conflicts and wars than any recent U.S. president. The Russians are flying MiGs over our aircraft carriers. Iranian boats bully U.S. warships. President Obama is not welcomed by Raul Castro in Havana and then has to go out what the Chinese called the "you know what" hole of the airplane. And let's not talk about Iraq, Syria, etc.

In a real way, it is these silly Norwegians that Mr. Trump is talking about when he speaks of NATO.   

It is these Europeans who have been protected by the U.S. since World War II. They are also the ones who don't appreciate our effort or pay whatever the contract they signed calls for. It's time to hire a collector and get paid.

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