Propaganda polling proliferates to panic peasantry

Against mounting evidence of an extremely tight race nationally, and of noticeable recent movement toward Trump in multiple battleground states, America’s corporate media (“Goebbels/Pravda”) continues the Big Lie that Clinton is far ahead and the race all but over.

But traces of concern were visible on October 26 in the once unfailingly sunny visages looking down on the peasants from the offices of Goebbels/Pravda.  A review of the CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN websites for October 26 suggests that America’s collective propaganda ministry senses that people are not dancing to their drumbeat and that a different rhythm is detectable in recent numbers.

A quick check of national polls, and those for a few key states, suggests the reasons for their slightly narrower grin.

The startling gap between the national vote, as shown by unaffiliated polling organizations, on the one hand, and that shown by Goebbels/Pravda’s darlings on the other persists:

(All as shown by RCP and Rasmussen, 10/26/16)


LAT/USC Tracking (10/20-10/25): C 43 T 45

IBT/TIPP Tracking: C 43 T 41

Rasmussen Tracking C 44 T 43

Propaganda Ministry Polling

ABC News: (10/21): C 51 T 43

So the three independents (all with polling data through 10/25) have the national vote essentially tied, while Goebbels/Pravda polls, of which ABC is just as good as any, containing polling data though 10/24, gives Clinton an 8-point lead.

Gaps of this size simply don’t occur without massive sampling or other methodological differences or deliberate tampering, which of course is another way of expressing targeted oversampling of a preferred group as measured against that group’s expected actual turnout.

Yet this massive discrepancy, between established and respected tracking polls released daily and those of Goebbels/Pravda released erratically, remains unnoticed and undiscussed at today’s Propaganda Ministry websites.

At the CNN website on the afternoon of October 26, for example, an article debunked the Trump campaign’s claim that Goebbels/Pravda polls are a dishonest effort to suppress the Trump vote but contained no mention, let alone discussion, of the enormous difference between the ABC and other propaganda ministry polls, on the one hand, and IBT, LAT, and Rasmussen polls, on the other.

Nor, of course, any mention of the significantly tightening Fox Poll (C 44 T 41, down from a seven-point spread last week).

Nor is there discussion today at CNN about the obvious movement toward Trump, and consequent narrowing gap, in key battleground states, all as shown by late polls at RCP on October 26.

In a fact-avoiding article at CBS’s website, up on the afternoon of October 26, CBS references its own poll, claiming a 9-point Clinton lead nationally, but the article is mute on the three independent polls showing a neck-and-neck race.  And, of course, CBS is also silent on the ominously narrowing gap in battleground states clearly evident in RCP’s October 26 numbers.

ABC’s October 26 election wrap-up for October 26 is most revealing of Goebbels/Pravda’s concern about the present state of the race: today, ABC’s website carried an October 14 (!) article asserting a big Clinton lead in the Electoral College.  When the present doesn’t support your narrative, discuss the past, I guess.  Good approach for a history course.  For the last ten days of an American presidential race, the choice says more about the writers’ nerves than the actual state of the race.

On October 26, NBC followed its ABC comrades’ lead.  Or was it the other way round?  We’d have to know where their news executives breakfasted this morning to decide.  In any case, NBC’s website yesterday, like ABC’s, was silent on the state of the race nationally.

The polling discussion in Goebbels/Pravda mirrors the country’s propaganda masters’ coverage of the candidates and their policy pronouncements: if the news is good, or can be made so, for Clinton (e.g., the Trump sex talk tape) run it hard; if it’s helpful to Trump (e.g., his enormously popular policy pronouncements at Gettysburg), black it out completely.

Somewhere Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Goebbels are looking up approvingly at America’s would-be information masters.

As I said several days ago: This race is extremely close.  Better still, now there is detectable movement toward Trump.

Disregard this century’s pupils of last century’s propagandists.