O’Keefe exposes Hillary’s truly sick ‘trickle-down’ economics

Conservative journalist James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas have gone underground to uncover a coordinated effort among the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and various groups on the left to incite violence and mayhem at Trump campaign events.

The term used by the left-wing operatives in the video for the concocted mayhem is “bird-dogging,” whereby they purposely set up the violence in advance of events to make it appear to be spontaneous.

The tactic employs what may be illegal campaign coordination between the Hillary camp and “independent” organizations such as Democracy Partners, where Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine is a principal.  Besides the potential illegal coordination, what’s truly revolting is how the operative in the video brags about using homeless and mentally ill people to carry out this immoral scheme.

As reported by Tim Hains at RealClearPolitics:

[Democrat activist Scott] Foval explains to O'Keefe's undercover journalist how the web of Democratic organizations is designed to subvert laws preventing Super PACs and political action groups from organizing directly with campaigns: "The campaign pays DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, the Foval Group goes and executes the [s---] on the ground... Democracy Partners is the tip of the spear on that stuff."

"We're consultants so we're not the official entity and so those conversations can be had between consultants," Foval explains, “The campaigns and DNC cannot go near [Democratic super PAC] Priorities [USA], but I guaran-damn-tee you that the people who run the Super PACs all talk to each other and we and a few other people are the hubs of that communication.”

The Democrat activists – obviously candidates for a position in a Clinton administration – have “daily check-ins with the Clinton campaign in order to coordinate efforts,” writes Hains.

That Democrat operatives violate the law is nothing new or surprising.  As Foval says on the video, "It doesn't matter what the friggin' legal and ethics people say, we need to win this m-----------."  

What’s truly repulsive, however, is how the operative brags about using the mentally ill and homeless to fulfill the Democrats’ mission of mayhem:

“I’m saying we have mentally ill people, that we pay to do [s---], make no mistake,” says Foval in the video. “Over the last twenty years, I’ve paid off a few homeless guys to do some crazy stuff, and I’ve also taken them for dinner, and I’ve also made sure they had a hotel, and a shower. And I put them in a program. Like I’ve done that. But the reality is, a lot of people especially our union guys. A lot of our union guys…they’ll do whatever you want. They’re rock and roll. When I need to get something done in Arkansas, the first guy I call is the head of the AFL-CIO down there, because he will say, ‘What do you need?’ And will say, I need a guy who will do this, this and this. And they find that guy. And that guy will be like, Hell yeah, let’s do it.”

This is another view of the people who will likely fill a Clinton administration.  O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and Wikileaks are doing the job the corrupt media won’t do of exposing the anti-religious, duplicitous, unlawful, and immoral inner workings of the Clinton camp.