Obama obsessed with Trump's buildings, hates John Wayne

Barack Obama can't stop talking about presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Obama's recent stump speeches campaigning for Hillary Clinton are all about Trump.  The billionaire real estate mogul is living inside Mr. Obama's head day and night. 

Obama's obsession is understandable.

Trump embodies the socialist's worst nightmare.  In 2008, Obama, like all socialists, promised his followers a land of milk and honey.  Eight years later, he's delivered unemployment, poverty, food stamps, violence in the streets, open borders, drug cartels, heroin overdoses, terrorist attacks on our own soil, $10 trillion more debt, no economic growth, and radical Supreme Court judges.  He has generally corrupted all three branches of government.

Along comes Trump, threatening, in Obama's own words, to "reverse progress" of Obama's last two terms.

Trump, the unapologetic, affluent, determined, and tough-minded individualist, is everything Obama is not.

As a community organizer in Chicago, Obama and his senior adviser, slum lady Valerie Jarrett, left rat-infested condemned buildings behind them in their rise to power. 

By contrast, Trump's golf courses, hotels, and residential skyscrapers are some of the finest in the world.  And then, on June 16, 2015,  Trump had the audacity to take a grand  escalator ride at Trump Tower with the equally tough-minded Melania and announce that he was running for president. 

The showdown between a socialist state and the founding fathers' vision for America had begun.

In a 1995 Chicago Reader profile, Obama couldn't have articulated this future battle any more clearly.  After railing against America's "individualistic bootstrap myth: get a job, get rich," Obama inadvertently foreshadowed the coming of Donald Trump:

In America we have this strong bias toward individual action. You know, we idolize the John Wayne hero who comes in to correct things with both guns blazing. But individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.

Obama's eight-year plan to transform the United States into a collectivist paradise was well underway before Trump rode in this past year and exposed the plot.

Trump and his army of "irredeemable deplorables" have created quite a "pitiless crowbar of events" for Obama and his masters.  What to do?  Same-old, same-old.  Portray Trump as a fat cat in order to deflect from Hillary Clinton's crimes and the probability that Obama and his administrators have looted the U.S. Treasury of more money than any greedy capitalist ever appropriated for himself.

In the past couple of weeks, Obama has accused Trump of "slapping" his name on buildings he didn't build and taking "credit for it."  Two days ago in South Florida, Obama repeated the slam, saying Trump took advantage of the "toxic" environment created by Republicans and alternative media.

Republican politicians and far-right media outlets just pumping out all kinds of toxic, crazy stuff. Like he usually does, he just slaps his name on it, took credit and promoted the hell out of it.

Obama doesn't get how his foolish talk and attacks on Trump are nothingburgers.  Even his media flunkies acknowledge that Trump's candidacy has sparked a movement much bigger and more revolutionary than just an outsider running for president.

A Trump-obsessed Obama does not understand that millions of Americans, rooted in individualism, risk-taking, entrepreneurship, dogged resilience, hard work, family, country, and God, don't want to live in a third-world collectivist hellhole.

They still really love John Wayne.

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