No wonder Mrs. Clinton wants to talk about the Trump women

As we count down to election day, there are two things that really stand out about 2016:

First, Trump has missed opportunity after opportunity to focus on issues.

Second, Clinton avoids every question about issues, unless she is pandering to this group or that.

On issues, Trump has the right idea, as Roger L. Simon wrote on Saturday:

In sum, the "Contract with the American Voter" is nothing short of spectacular under the increasingly ominous circumstances of 2016 and a worthy sequel to the "Contract with America" (perhaps Newt Gingrich had a hand). 

We can only hope that the American people get a chance to review it -- that it won't be overwhelmed by the media's self-serving fixation on scandal and Trump's (sigh) frustrating cooperation with them -- because if the people do, I am certain the vast majority will approve of Trump's sensible proposals and elect him president.

Substance or scandal? That is the dilemma our country faces at the end of October 2016.    

Yes, that's our choice, but it would help if Trump would stick to the teleprompter, unless someone is sticking in all that stuff about suing women without the campaign manager's knowledge.    

At the debate, and Gettysburg, Trump was like the pitcher who gets the first two outs and then walks the bases loaded, giving the other team a chance to score.

As for Clinton, they don't want to talk about anything that has to do with issues.  On WikiLeaks, it's all about doubt, delay, and distract by blaming Russia.  I guess they want us to believe that Russia forced the authors of the emails to say nasty things or talk about "needy Latinos."

Sadly, time is on Clinton's side.  Trump blew the third debate with his remarks about accepting results.  He had won the evening and then blew it.  In Gettysburg, he blew another opportunity by giving the media more information to use against him.

Yes, the Clinton team would rather talk about the Trump women and his temperament.  Unfortunately, Trump keeps giving them material.

If Trump loses, and I'm not saying it's over, his supporters may want to consider suing him for malpractice.    

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