No, Trump should not accept the results of a possibly stolen election

Crooks on the left, cowards on the right.  Where do we go to find integrity? One of the most talked about parts of last night’s final presidential debate was Donald Trump’s statement that he’d let us know on election night if he’d accept the balloting results.  An NBC commentator expressed her bubble-headed opinion that the statement lost him the election.  Worse still, “conservative” commentator John Podhoretz wrote that Trump’s comment was “a shocking and cravenly irresponsible thing to say, the sort of thing that threatens to rend our national fabric, and for that alone, Trump has earned his place in the history of American ignominy.”  But Podhoretz’s criticism is what’s shocking and cravenly irresponsible – and reflective of profound ignorance. Are some of us living in an alternate-reality universe?  We just saw NYC’s Democrat election commissioner, Alan Schulkin, caught on...(Read Full Post)