More than 1,000 voted illegally in just 8 localities in Virginia

More than 1,000 aliens and non-citizens voted in recent Virginia elections, according to a report published by the Virginia Voters Alliance. That number represents figures from only 8 of 125 localities, so the problem is "exponentially worse." Polizette: In some cases, aliens and permanent residents will register to vote and either admit on the form they are not citizens, or they will mislead, according to Christian Adams, general counsel for the foundation. Local officials can check each voter later by matching data from the Virginia driver’s license bureaus, where the aliens in question are usually likely not to mislead authorities on their status. It's how some of the non-citizens were caught. The report lists all of the 1,046 non-citizens by name. The disclosure is a major problem for Virginia and the nation. One thousand votes or so is enough to swing a close election in the state. In 2013, the Democratic candidate for attorney general...(Read Full Post)