Maybe Rev. Cleaver told the truth – sort of.

One of the most infamous slanders of the Tea Party may have claimed a victim, a member in good standing of the Congressional Black Caucus.  The most recent revelations by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas have cast an old story in a new light for me.

Ever since 2010, Missouri congressman and former mayor of Kansas City Rev. Emanuel Cleaver and those who share his political orientation and agenda have gotten a lot of mileage out of his claim that he was the object of racial epithets and was spat upon by persons attending a Tea Party rally in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.  They’ve used it to perpetuate the meme that the Tea Parties, and Republicans, and conservatives in general are inherently racist.

Having attended a number of Tea Party rallies myself, I’ve always found it extremely hard to believe that meme or Cleaver’s claims.  I seriously doubt that any Tea Partiers would perpetrate or countenance such actions.

Now, I’ve never been a particular fan of Cleaver, and I’ve even taken him to task, in these pages, for his activities as head of the Congressional Black Caucus, especially his cozying up to the Castro brothers in Cuba, despite their regime being one of the world’s most blatantly racist against blacks.

But while Rev. Cleaver and I have never officially met, on the two or three occasions when I’ve encountered him in public, he’s always seemed a decent, friendly fellow, with a genuine-looking smile, in contrast to Hillary Clinton, who couldn’t manage a genuine-looking smile if her very life depended on it, and who seems to radiate negativity.  If Cleaver harbors any of the racial animosity that so many black “leaders” (and so many of their followers) seem to project, he manages to hide or disguise it.  That made it disappointing to me that he would concoct and perpetuate what seemed such an obvious, bald-faced lie.  It made him just another lying Democrat.

But now that we’re getting, thanks to Project Veritas, a more complete picture of the cynical tactics employed for years by Democrat operatives, and just how very low they’ve been eager to stoop with their false flag ops and mini-Reichstag moments, I find it not so difficult to believe that Cleaver may not have been lying, but may have actually been spat upon, only by someone hired to impersonate a Tea Partier and thus cast Tea Partiers in a negative light (and with the intent that the press, eager to collude with the Dems, would fully exploit the story and perpetuate their “narrative,” something they’ve been doing for years – only now, thanks to exposés like O’Keefe’s, the public is beginning to wise up).

We’re realizing that when Donald Trump complains that “the whole process is rigged,” he’s talking not only about voter fraud, but also about the way the  news is managed and propaganda points are promulgated, and the pervasive corruption that makes it all possible.

It makes me want to give Rev. Cleaver the benefit of the doubt.

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