James O’Keefe promises blockbuster video next week

Appearing on Reddit last night, James’ O’Keefe promised what sounds like undercover video showing corruption, confirming some of what was revealed by Wikileaks:

 We have video confirmation of things mentioned in Wikileaks. Wikileaks is important, bus as they say, on paper it's one thing. But when people can see and hear it, it's 100x more impactful.

Detailes are few, but one of the subjects has Soros connections:

There are many individuals filmed in these tapes that I plan to release next week. One of the entities involved is funded by George Soros.

And the stakes are high:

It's definitely evidence of criminality.

And, apparently Hillary is implicated:

I know people want me to clarify that the footage directly involves HRC. Again, the answer is yes. And it's more than that. We've exposed the whole network. The dirty tricks, how they commit the voter fraud, illegal coordination -- is delegated from the top down. And we have all that on tape. And we're releasing different tapes everyday.

And he promises it will be devastating:

Our Investigation has required EIGHT full time undercover investigative reporters embedded throughout the country from the bottom to the top of many political entities. Because we have hundreds of hours of footage, we needed to connect the dots and the scenes into a storyline that links it all together. It will be more impactful and more powerful instead of just putting it all out there at once or as soon as I got the video money shots individually.

Long story short, everything you've heard about back room deals and smoke filled rooms is verified. We have smoking gun evidence and it is incredibly damning.