If you drag a $100 bill through Democratic headquarters, you know what you'll find

The vast left-wing conspiracy is now in full display, trotting out its usual last minute oh-what-a-surprise oppo information on Donald Trump.  And no, it is not the "alt left" doing this, as the whole liberal-left is alt left and rotten and crooked and, yes, bigoted and racist.

But Donald Trump isn't the Republican's Mitt Romney or John McCain – he's out in the real world, dealing with politicians of all kinds to get those buildings up, and is therefore as tough and as brazen as the Democrats, realizing what Finley Peter Dunne said in 1895 through his "fictional character Mr. Dooley, an Irishman who pontificated on the day’s issues from a Chicago pub": "Politics ain't beanbag.  Tis a man's game, an' women, childer, cripples an' prohybitionists'd do well to keep out iv it."  It is true today.  (Obviously, this was an era before political correctness hit the Democratic Party.)

Taking Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and throwing them right back – wildly at times, to be sure at his accusers, Trump is exposing the ugliness of the Democratic Party (and the Republicans also), which is, I think, good for the country no matter the nasty process.

Nothing illustrated the Democratic Party's contempt for the so-called little people, the people the Democratic Party claims it represents, than James Carville's comment: "If you drag a hundred-dollar-bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find."  He was referring to Paula Jones, a low-level Arkansas state employee who was brought by a state trooper to then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton's hotel room and then sexually assaulted.  She initiated the infamous lawsuit against him.  

No prominent Democrat objected to Carville's remarks then; indeed, many thought it quite amusing and a perfect summary of the case against the charming southern Yale- and Oxford-educated governor by such a low-class woman.  And the slanders against Monica Lewinsky, then just 21; Juanita Broaddrick; Kathleen Willey; and others received no objections from the elite feminists who today are just, well, "shaken to the core," as Clinton surrogate Michelle Obama dramatically phrased it, by Donald Trump's crude private remarks from 20 years ago.

In the case against Bill Clinton:

Women’s groups largely stayed supportive.

“Feminists have, all along, muffled, disguised, excused and denied the worst aspects of the president’s behavior with women,” said a lengthy Vanity Fair article from 1998.

“Feminism sort of died in that period,” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd told Yahoo recently. “Because the feminists had to come along with Bill Clinton’s retrogressive behavior with women in order to protect the progressive policies for women that Bill Clinton had as president.”

Clinton’s female supporters stood by him, especially as he denied allegations of misconduct, as has Trump. Later, after Clinton admitted to some of the allegations of consensual sex, they did criticize him but still supported him.

They were called hypocrites at the time, particularly when they were among the first to blast conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and former Sen. Bob Packwood, R-Ore., for allegations of sexual misconduct.

Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority, said Clinton’s situation was entirely different because it came as Republicans were attacking him and his pro-women agenda, including fighting against the Equal Rights Amendment and a law banning discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs.

“For people like me, it was a totally different story and origin,” Smeal told McClatchy this week. “It was a right-wing attack. We saw it as a right-wing effort to draw out of office a president for ideological reasons.”  (snip)

Betty Friedan, the late activist and leading figure in the women’s movement, had described the attacks on Clinton as sexual McCarthyism. “It does not serve women to try to hound this president out of office. . . . It does not serve women to focus so much attention even on sexual content while the real obscenities are poverty and violence,” she said at the time.

And let's hear what the delicate Hillary Clinton had to say just last week about rapper Kanye West, whose wife is famous for famously showing off her body.  "Hillary Clinton Applauds Kanye West for Ending Concert Early After Kim Kardashian Robbery: 'Bless His Heart.'"

Sample West lyrics:

Advice to all my niggas, impregnate Bridget

Soon as she have a baby she gon' make another nigga

Got the Fruit of Islam in the trenches hah?

(These are somewhat publishable here on American Thinker; other are not.  Hillary and Michelle don't object to them, though I do.)

And what about the vaunted Clinton Foundation and all its good works with such prominent members such as Chelsea Clinton and Huma Abedin on board, soliciting money from anyone and everyone, including every Muslim country in the world, friend or foe, buying favors?  

Well, let's ask the Haitians, who were hit by a devastating hurricane last week and an earthquake a few years ago.  

As Haiti takes stock of the damage wrought by Hurricane Matthew this week, critics have renewed their scrutiny of relief efforts — many of them sponsored by the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's State Department — that failed to alleviate the country's suffering after a massive earthquake there in 2010.

A small group of Haitian-Americans gathered outside the New York City offices of state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Thursday to protest his refusal to look into the Clinton Foundation's finances. The same group, known as the Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti, has held several demonstrations throughout the campaign in an attempt to highlight the foundation's failures.

Donald Trump brought up the bungled Haiti relief efforts during a campaign rally on Tuesday, arguing foundation donors "have seen the Clintons pave the way for their investments."

"In one deal, Hillary Clinton set aside environmental and labor rules to help a South Korean company with a record of violating workers' rights set up what amounts to a sweat shop in Haiti," Trump said at the North Carolina event. "The facility has produced only a fraction of the jobs it promised and faces reports of wage theft. People are asking: where did all the money go?" (snip)

The Clintons have weathered criticism for a number of other Haiti-related entanglements that emerged during the reconstruction effort.

Hillary Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, secured a difficult-to-obtain permit in 2012 that allowed his company to begin mining for gold in Haiti.

Denis O'Brien, a longtime donor and friend to the Clintons, secured a multimillion dollar contract from Hillary Clinton's State Department to hand out free cellphones to Haitians through his telecommunications company. O'Brien also invested in a luxury hotel at the behest of Bill Clinton.

And Warren Buffett, another Clinton Foundation donor, was tapped to provide shelters that sickened displaced earthquake victims because they were laced with formaldehyde.

Most observers have agreed that the relief effort in Haiti was beset on all sides by failure and cronyism. It was a pattern certainly not limited to the Clintons' activities there.

But Hillary Clinton's State Department fought to preserve its image in the face of mounting evidence that its work in Haiti was shoddy.

And of course there are the lies about the email server that have probably endangered national security, but hey, Donald Trump's disgusting private comments are more important and a useful distraction.  And how did the Clintons pervert the FBI, the IRS, and the Supreme Court to cover up their activities?  And how much did they pay?  What did they threaten?  

OK, the $100 bill is now polluted beyond belief in the Democratic kingdom.  But you knew that would happen.