How and why election 2016 is rigged

Donald Trump has repeatedly commented that the polls are being rigged by the corrupt establishment and their lapdog media.  Several months ago, he even warned that the election itself could be rigged.  CNN, FOX reporters, and even President Obama mocked him, implying he was a sore loser or a "conspiracy theorist."

Now, through the WikiLeaks data dumps and the Project Veritas videos, we have proof of electoral corruption and media collusion with the Clinton campaign.

The Rigged Polls

Beyond mere conspiracy theory or conjecture, we now have emails from John Podesta, the head of Hillary's campaign, instructing their minions on rigging the polls to create a false perception of Hillary's victory.

Rigging polls serves two possible aims.  The first aim is the most common: create a false perception of the public's support for a political candidate.  When people see that their candidate is "behind" by 10 points, it demoralizes them.  This demoralization then manifests itself by people not showing up to vote because it's a lost cause, or even switching to support the winning team, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here is just a small sampling of rigged polls designed to demoralize you and cause you to either stay home or jump on the bandwagon.

CNN debate poll: Look at the details of this poll measuring who won the second debate.  The subjects were prescreened, and a whopping 58% of them were Clinton supporters.  Not just Democrats – supporters.  This is beyond ridiculous.  You might as well walk into a Clinton rally and ask her campaign staffers who won (and she still got only 57% of the vote!).  This was done to downplay the crushing defeat Clinton suffered in the second debate at the hands of Trump and help stem the bleeding.

NBC poll (also pushed by CNN and WSJ): Here we have a poll done by a man, Peter Hart, who literally works for the Clintons.  Just last month he accepted $225,000 in payment from the Clinton campaign, and we're expected to believe that this poll he has produced is legitimate.  This is a common campaign tactic.  Campaigns will pay for polling and release it to demoralize the opponent's base, or bait the opponent into switching tactics.  What I've never seen before is the media then pushing the poll as if it were theirs and totally scientific.

Reuters poll: Here we have not only an oversampling of Democrats, but an organization actually going back and editing voters out of previous polls to cook the numbers to its liking.  This is insane.  Unless, of course, truth and accuracy are not priorities of yours, and you want to curry favor with Empress Clinton.

Voter Fraud

However, psychology is not the only reason a political operative will rig a poll.  There is a far more insidious reason.  The second reason to rig polls is to create a narrative to cover up for fraud.  If you have months of "polling" to show that candidate Smith is 10 points ahead of candidate Jones, you can just say, "See?  All our polls were right!" when you steal the election.

The most sophisticated version of this is to create an "October surprise" event that the focuses upon something seemingly negative about your opponent.  Media outlets then pick up the story.  Then you (or in the Clintons' case, their pals in the media) release a poll that oversamples your base support.  This then creates the perception that the negative story is causing your opponent to lose support.  The average American voter simply looks at the poll's results in the headline and draws conclusions from there.  Thus, when you win by fraud, no one questions the results of the election because the "polling" confirms it.

Many people want to cry "conspiracy theory!" when the subject of voter fraud or machine rigging is brought up.  I understand.  It's simply too disturbing to think the will of the people is being thwarted, but it happens every election cycle.  Take a look at the Project Veritas videos, for example.  This isn't new in our history.  It is a documented fact that JFK stole the election from Nixon.  In more recent times, my home state of Indiana has had to crack down on cheating several times in the past few years, including a current, ongoing fraud investigation in 56 counties.  Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc. have all recently been in the spotlight for widespread voter fraud and weaknesses in their systems.  Election fraud is a very real threat.

In short, this is nothing more than one huge propaganda operation to sway you into not showing up to vote, switching your vote to the "winning" team, and pull the wool over your eyes to hide their theft.  The good news is that you don't have to take it.  Unplug from the television media, share this warning with all your friends, get involved at, call the authorities if you see anything fishy on election day, and generally raise hell if there's any evidence of fraud come November 9.  By exposing the hoax, you can reverse its effects.  Remember: 60% of America gets its news via social media, so when you spread the word via Facebook and Twitter, you are making a difference.

Most of all, go out and vote for Trump, and absolutely do not take this lying down if we wake up on November 9 and Hillary has stolen this election.

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