Hey, Timmie, you really showed us deplorables...

...what a rude jerk you are.

If the best casting director in Hollywood went in search of the perfect actor to play a typical know-it-all, smug, smarmy liberal to represent the Democratic Party on the vice presidential debate stage Tuesday night, he could not possibly have made a better selection than Tim Kaine.  This was my first opportunity to see this potential president-in-waiting in action, and all I can say is that this sneering motor-mouth, who immediately began a pattern of repetitive and, I believe, intentional interruptions of his opponent and continued it as long as the moderator would let him get away with it, was woefully less than impressive.

Kaine was a squeaky-voiced, unctuous reminder of far too many of the self-righteous liberals I've had to contend with in my long life.  You know the type: rolling the eyes, shaking the head to deliver their not so subliminal message that we're just so totally smarter than you are that you can't possibly understand what we're saying.  We've all seen it, in the past mostly within our own families, but in the last few years it has become the standard form of public liberal discourse.  There is only one side, and that is theirs.  They know it all, and if you disagree, you are a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, and they're entitled to smirk snottily about it.

That is exactly the role Tim Kaine played on his opening night on the world stage, and I must say he did it flawlessly.  Not everyone can play such an irritating jerk so convincingly, depicting to perfection the arrested adolescence that is the defining characteristic of liberalism, and do it so well before such a huge audience.

I guess congratulations are in order: hey, Timmie, you really showed us deplorables, kid!

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