Have all the outraged folks confused Alec Baldwin with Donald Trump?

While all the outraged morally upright denizens of the entertainment and journalist worlds (all ten of them, and I'm being generous) are just too, too shocked, distressed, and totally amazed by Donald Trump (R)'s gross words about women to associate with him, perhaps they have confused him with Alec Baldwin.  Baldwin, for those who occupy a rarefied world not beholden to mainstream media, is the latest Donald Trump doppelganger on Saturday Night Live, billed as a comedy sketch show, broadcast on NBC. Baldwin is notoriously thin-skinned.  Google Alec Baldwin and temper and pow! countless references will immediately pollute your computer.  So you don't have to; I did it on my unsecured server/computer and then removed most of the harmful stuff with BleachBit, a trick I learned from Trump's opponent, Hilllary R. Clinton (D). Incidentally, amazingly, (okay, not so amazingly), most of the journalist and entertainment worlds are not shocked by...(Read Full Post)