FBI director: Current stats don't back claim of police killing epidemic

At a gathering of police chiefs in San Diego, FBI director James Comey pointed out the obvious: that a few viral videos of police shooting unarmed black men does not constitute an "epidemic" of police killings.


He touched on a theme he has pursued for more than a year: trying to get police to embrace the need to report statistics on officer-involved shootings. Better numbers, Comey argues, would help the nation understand whether there is a real epidemic of police killings of black men or if the advent of viral videos shared in social media are giving the impression that there are more lethal confrontations between police and minorities.

"A small group of videos serve as an epidemic" Comey argued Sunday.

People who think there is an epidemic of police shootings don't know if there is, and police don't know whether there is, because there is no national collection of police shooting reports. Some police departments report such numbers while many don't.

The FBI is trying to change that, recently announcing a pilot program to collect numbers from police departments in 2017.

Comey also spoke about the need of police to improve trust with the communities they serve.

While the FBI wants to compile its own list of police shootings, the Washington Post has an ongoing project to count the number of fatal cop shootings across the country.

Some of the stats they've uncovered are astonishing.

There were 991 people killed by police in 2015.  Of those 991, 495 were white, 258 were black, and 172 were Hispanic.  There were 93 police killings of unarmed suspects.  

Using the "logic" of Black Lives Matter, it's obvious that police are targeting white people for death.

The hysteria being ginned up over police shootings has one purpose and one purpose only: give black activists a mob they can control and manipulate to exercise power.  BLM rhetoric pulls in ignoramuses like Colin Kaepernick, who unwittingly advances the BLM narrative that blacks are being "oppressed" and that police are getting away with murder.  Others, fully cognizant of the falsity of BLM themes, use demonstrations as an excuse to cause mayhem and rioting. 

Hillary Clinton has given every indication that she will continue to welcome BLM activists to the White House if she is elected president.  Giving BLM legitimacy will only empower them further and raise their profile the next time police are forced to take down a suspect armed or not.  

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