California to release 'nonviolent' rapists, shooters, hostage-takers

Whenever a proposition comes on the ballot in California to release criminals from jail, it always passes, since the criminals already outside jail outnumber the law-abiding citizens.  That's why it will come as no surprise when California voters vote for Proposition 57, which will release "nonviolent" criminals.  The only problem is that California has a very expansive definition of "nonviolent" in its legal code: Rape by intoxication, Rape of an unconscious person There is an unusual dynamic here.  Feminist liberals push for a more and more expansive definition of rape, but anti-prison liberals push for more and more release of rapists from prison. Human Trafficking involving sex act with minors Liberals see no problem there. Drive‐by shooting Nonviolent?  I guess if they miss. Assault with a deadly weapon Hard to see how that is nonviolent.  Maybe if consensual?  It is California. Hostage...(Read Full Post)