Awkward: Sanders-Clinton joint appearance canceled in wake of Hillary insulting Sanders supporters as basement dwellers

Democrats are scrambling to paper over the rift in their party between the Clinton faction, bought off by globalist crony capitalists, and the Sanders-supporting, debt-ridden, lumpen college graduates who want free stuff.  Among her wealthy peers at a fundraiser, Hillary Clinton condescended to the basement-dwelling unfortunates who have mortgaged their futures in return for a college degree providing no useful skills valued in the marketplace.

Sanders, basking in newfound post-campaign fame and wealth (he just bought his third house for more money than his reported net worth on Senate disclosure forms), has done an awkward shuffle.  He recognizes that the Clintons have all the power in the Democratic Party, for they just kicked his butt despite obvious enthusiasm and support.

He is trying to have it both ways.

1. “I agree with her

Well, I agree with her. What she’s saying is what I suggested a moment ago. There are young people who went deeply into debt, worked very hard to get a good education, and yet they are getting out of school and they can’t find decent-paying jobs. And that’s a major problem. They are living in their parents’ basements. And that’s the point there.

2. “Of course” it bothers me

Asked during an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" whether the audio bothered him, Sanders responded: "Well, look, of course it does."

"But we were in the middle of a campaign and … in some of the statements that I made about Hillary Clinton, you can see real differences," he quickly added. "So we have differences. There's nothing to be surprised about. That's what a campaign is all about."

So rather than sort it out onstage in a joint appearance, they are hoping their friends in the media will ignore the story and it will fade from memory.  

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