Clintons' 2015 tax returns: How the DC elites make money

The 2015 Clinton tax return is a case study on how the D.C. political elites make money by trading on their political offices, past and present, such as writing books, consulting, and giving speeches.  They serve on boards of corporations, such as Bill did with Laureate.  They make money because they held public office and may hold public office again. They do not produce anything.  They make money because of who they are, because of their public offices. Bill reported income of $5,250,000 from "speaking."  He deducted $445,000 for "travel expenses" and $25,000 for "supplies."  Lots of pencils and paper for Bubba to write speeches.  This means Bubba stayed in the best hotels and ate at the finest restaurants, and the taxpayers subsidized his lifestyle because he deducted a ton of money to lower his taxable income. Bill reported $1,660,575 from "consulting."  Consulting for what?  Maybe advising on...(Read Full Post)