Why Joe Biden refuses to say Clinton Foundation has been ‘100% ethical’

Joe Biden knows better than to be caught on video giving a blanket endorsement of the Clinton Foundation.  There are, after all, a lot of emails waiting to be revealed.

It is a mistake to think Biden is not shrewd simply because his manner is often just plain goofy.  Behind the façade of unity and Trump disdain, Democrats understand what they have on their hands with the Clintons at the helm of their party.  Yes, they will pretend that all is well, that Hillary would be a fine president, and that the smoke choking them has no fire producing it.  But they also realize that there will be life after Hillary Clinton follows the path of her ambition to its ultimate destination.  And they are planning for contingencies.

There might just be the need for a sudden replacement on the ticket.  Maybe not probable, at this point, but certainly possible.  Joe is keeping bis options open.

Watch the video.  Transcript below.

MELVIN: “As I mentioned a few moments ago, our own Kasie Hunt in Ohio there if vice president Joe Biden’s speech there in front of the auto workers, Warren Ohio is where we find her. I saw you on the rope line afterwards talking to the vice president. What did he have to say?”

HUNT: “Craig, this event was vintage Joe Biden. This is Joe Biden country, really. He talked about how this region is similar to where he grew up in Scranton. He was talking to a lot of the people here as though he was friends of theirs. I mean, you know Joe Biden’s campaign style, he referred to himself as the S.O.B. At the family picnic who insisted the country bail out the auto industry, etc. But he’s here in Ohio while Hillary Clinton is off the trail. She’s been fund-raising quite a bit the last couple of weeks. She did do one speech in Cincinnati yesterday to the American legion but otherwise we haven’t seen very

much of her. I asked him why that might be.”

[clip starts]

HUNT: “Hillary Clinton obviously is not on the trail. You’re here in Ohio. Do you think she needs to be out front with the American people a little bit more?”

BIDEN: “She is out front with the American people.”

HUNT: “She’s been fund-raising for a couple weeks.”

BIDEN: “She has to. But she’s also been doing a lot of events and I told her I’d campaign with her in Scranton, we got a whole bunch of places we’re campaigning together and some places where maybe I can help and not have her have to be with me.”

HUNT: “Do you think Americans should be concerned at all about the ethics of the Clinton Foundation? Has the Clinton foundation been 100 percent ethical in your view?”

BIDEN:”I think the Clinton Foundation, like all foundations, have found themselves in a position where things are changing and I think she’s going to change, adjust to the realities of how complicated it’s become.”

HUNT: “Is she clearing herself up enough with that? Should the foundation have stopped taking foreign donations now?”

BIDEN:”I think you’ll stop see them taking foreign donations.”

HUNT: “Thank you very much, sir.”

[clip ends]

HUNT: “There you have it talking about the Clinton foundation Hillary Clinton hasn’t made herself available to other reporters who travel with her to talk object those kinds of things, she has done a couple interviews since she’s been back and forth on the foundation issues.”

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