Why Hillary’s eyes are out of sync with each other

The disturbing video of Hillary Clinton’s eyes moving out of sync from each other is likely to be related to her fall and brain injury.

If you remember this picture from the Benghazi hearings...

...Hillary's right eye works fine.  It was her left eye that needed the Fresnel-prism lens to correct her double vision.

In this freeze-frame from the video, you can see that Hillary's right eye focuses normally:

Her right eye usually looks in the same direction in which she's facing.  The left eye is the one that goes bananas, because Hillary isn't wearing her special glasses to correct for double vision.  (Wearing them in public would conflict with Dr. Lisa Bardack's statement that Hillary has completely recovered from her 2012 concussion.)

From the video you can see that this happens only momentarily, then her eyes go back to normal.

What's mind-blowing is that apparently this happens to her often enough that she has become accustomed to it, and she goes on talking as if nothing is amiss.

The poor woman needs a complete neurological exam (with results made public).  But she won't get one, because she'd flunk it.