What's in a word? Even in obituaries, Associated Press slants against Israel

Even in its obituaries, the Associated Press slants against Israel.  On September 1, 2016, the obituary of Israeli Benjamin (Fuad) Ben-Eliezer written by the Associated Press states innocently that "Mr. Ben-Eliezer ... was born in Basra, Iraq in 1946 and moved to Israel in 1950."  Moved?  According to an obituary in The Times of Israel, "[a]t age 12, with the founding of the State of Israel, Ben-Eliezer was forced to flee Iraq alone.  Traveling by foot with a group of Jews, he headed toward Tehran.  He described the journey in detail in 2011 on the Uvda TV program, saying he was beaten repeatedly along the way and rescued from a swamp without his shoes."  In Haaretz, "[w]hen Ben-Eliezer turned 12 and the persecution of Iraqi Jews increased, Fuad's father sent him to Israel to save him."*

In other words, Ben-Eliezer fled for his life!

The sanitized story omits one of the worst periods for the Jewish people, which caused about 1 million Jews in Arab lands to flee for their lives.  Countless Jews were murdered.  In Iraq, the Jews went through pogroms, with the largest being the Farhud.  According to the United States Holocaust Museum, "[d]uring the two days of violence, rioters murdered between 150 and 180 Jews, injured 600 others, and raped an undetermined number of women.  They also looted some 1,500 stores and homes.  The community leaders estimated that about 2,500 families – 15 percent of the Jewish community in Baghdad – suffered directly from the pogrom."  The lives of Iraqi Jews, like Jews in most Arab countries, were in peril.  Saying they "moved" is inaccurate and serves to distort and minimize what really happened.

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