What you saw at the debate last night depends on who you are

There is something close to a consensus view among pundits that Hillary Clinton “won” the first presidential debate.  As has been true throughout the campaign, the pundits are wrong about Trump. The kind of people who watch a presidential debate with a notepad found Hillary to be well organized, articulate, knowledgeable, and fully presidential.  By the conventional rules of the cognitive elite, Trump lost.  He was spontaneous, not memorized, emotional, not controlled, and downright angry at times as he reviewed what’s happened to our country over the last decades – the “30 years” Hillary Clinton has been in politics.  In a graduate seminar on the economy, he would be flunked for having few facts and a disorganized (spontaneous and emotional) presentation, and for violating the rules of etiquette repeatedly and with gusto. But for people who have never read a 10- or 12-point economic plan, Trump came across as the guy...(Read Full Post)