We Deplorables may have an anthem

A theme repeated every day here and all across the conservative web is that we ordinary Americans, the folks whom Hillary Clinton characterizes as irredeemables and deplorables, are fed up with her and everything she represents – the constant lying and misrepresentation that pervades every aspect of her, her husband, and the criminally dishonest political party they head.  Over and over we find ourselves saying we are sick and tired of the Clintons themselves as well as their usual corrupt way of doing business and that we need to stand up and say so, which is exactly what all those deplorable Americans are trying to do at those Trump rallies. 

What we, and those folks at those rallies, need is a political anthem that captures that fed-up, sick and tired feeling as well as a defiant refusal to put up with it anymore.

Well, guess what!  There is just such a tune, and it has been done toe-tappingly well by the Gatlin Brothers for Dinesh D'Souza's movie, Hillary's America.  Titled "Stand Up and Say So," it contains clever, spot-on lyrics set to a lively country-rock beat that is damned near infectious.  Click on that link, and see if you don't agree that it is a fitting anthem for us poor ol' Deplorables.

It would be a great tune to fire up a Trump rally crowd if it's not already being used for that purpose.  Having The Donald do a few boot-scootin' steps to that tune across the stage while lip-synching those catchy lyrics would likely bring the roof down in any venue.

Kellyanne, you hear I'm sayin', Darlin'?